Physical Vascular Therapy-Relief, Recovery, Ultra-Performance & Well-Being

Are you searching for relief from pain or stress? Hoping to increase your athletic performance?

The enormous increase in chronic illnesses in our modern world shows us that many people are exposed to stresses and strains. Physical Vascular Therapy activates the body’s natural self-regulating mechanisms making it a safe and effective therapy for maintaining health and preventing decline.

Circulation: The Key To A Healthy Functioning Body

Poor Blood Circulation affects everyone. 97% of illness and disease is caused by lack of oxygen and toxin build up in our tissues. Our lifestyles today do not encourage blood flow.

Fortunately, there is a new FDA Class 1 technology (Physical Vascular Therapy) which enhances blood flow. This increase in blood flow allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow through the whole body naturally. Plus, increased blood flow enhances removal of waste products and toxins, helping the body to recover from acute and chronic conditions.

Blood circulation is the human body’s supply system. It supplies the tissues and organs with nutrients and oxygen while removing and disposing of resulting waste products. 75% of this process takes place in the smallest blood vessels – the microcirculation. This intricate network of the smallest blood vessels is the most important part of the human circulatory system, and optimum microcirculation is essential for optimum health.

Factors That Negatively Impact Microcirculation

The effectiveness of microcirculation reduces with age. This is a natural process, which is, however, accelerated in many individuals by harmful environmental influences, poor habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. Air pollution, environmental toxins, noise, stress, aggression, depression, lack of sleep and movement, unhealthy or imbalanced diet, nicotine, alcohol or drugs can have an extremely negative influence on microcirculation.

The consequences: weakening of the immune system, increased susceptibility to infections, faster aging of cells, diminished resistance to free radicals, reduced performance, diseases, disorders, and impaired healing in the case of illness and injury.

NASA Contracted Technology=Improved Quality of Life


Physical Vascular Therapy improves the impaired pumping movements of our smallest blood vessels making this an effective treatment option for many conditions and  is used in a diversity of fields today, including NASA. Astronauts who travel in environments without gravity experience troubling effects to their microcirculation. NASA has agreed that Physical Vascular Therapy will be utilized to improve our heroes’ stamina during space travel. The first Microcirculation Space Suit is being developed to prevent bone and muscle atrophy during space missions and to assist in recuperation after space travel.


The improvement of the microcirculation benefits your health, your immune system and your overall sense of well-being in a variety of ways:

* Assistance with Relief & Recovery from Chronic/Acute conditions

* Accelerated Recovery from Surgery, Wounds, Burns & Skin conditions

* Relief from Pain & Fatigue

* Sustained & Improved Sports Performance

* Rapid Recovery from Injuries

* Maintain Optimum Health, Vitality & Boost Immune System

* Assistance in Preventing ‘Age-Related’ conditions


The application of Physical Vascular Therapy supports the self‐regulation, the performance, and the self‐healing abilities of the body. Simultaneously, it increases the effectiveness of other therapies applied to the body – both conventional and complementary – as the body is put in the best possible state for self-healing. All this results in a higher quality of life.

This physical vascular treatment system is protected by patents and is the most researched and most effective physical treatment method used in complementary medicine today.

Highest Possible Athletic Performance

Professional athletes and those involved in recreational sports are always looking for ways in which to optimize their level of fitness and performance. Areas in which athletes expect to benefit include:

  • regeneration of the overtaxed body
  • relief from muscle ache, strained structures, exhaustion or overtraining syndromes
  • synthesis and release of repair proteins, involved in tissue repair, dramatically increase the healing


How Does This Work?

Pulsed electromagnetic impulses, up to an intensity equivalent to the earth’s natural magnetic field, are applied to the body with no sensation and no side effects.

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